People are very welcome to receive our  monthly bulletins and participate in most activities without becoming members or making any other commitment, but for certain activities – particularly the Compass Bikes scheme (electric bikes available to borrow for free, 24/7) – people must become formal members of TCN. They can do this by making the following written declaration and paying a one-off membership fee of £1:

I support the aims and objectives of Transition Chipping Norton, which are to promote and develop Local Solutions for Sustainable Communities – actions that help our local communities to thrive and be resilient in the face of challenges and changes to our climate, environment, economy and society. I recognise that it is our natural environment which sustains life in the long term, and I am committed to reducing my own adverse impacts on this environment.

This statement may be handwritten or printed with the person’s signature, or sent as an email, and must be sent to any committee member. New members must also pay a one-off payment of £1, by cash to a committee member or by bank transfer to the Transition Chipping Norton bank account (Sort code 08 92 99, Account no 65383762). If you opt for bank transfer, please send a committee member an email to confirm that you have paid by this method. Membership lasts for 5 years and may be renewed by sending an email request to a committee member (no payments are required for renewals).