At least 100 people gathered to hear why we are in a climate and ecology emergency, and what Chippy folk can do about it.

The Keynote speaker was Dr Karsten Haustein, Climate Modelling Expert at Oxford’s Environmental Change Institute. He spoke on his Weather Attribution work (analysing extreme weather globally), and how we must stay well within 2° warming to avoid risking a cascade of ‘tipping points’. Several local youngsters also spoke with great clarity and conviction on their concerns and wishes for their future. Chippy’s Geoff Coleman was Compere, using his background in the Forces and senior management in IT, health and social care (now running Mildmay Hospital in London and Kenya) to ensure all ran to time, in good order! Local leadership coaching expert Linda Aspey sensitively facilitated the group discussion time, where people shared their views and ideas for how we can come together to address the current Emergency in our area.

TCN’s Marcus Simmons said

“the great positive interest, support, and ideas for positive action have been very encouraging; clearly there’s a lot we can do! Now we really need ‘all hands on deck’ – everyone has an important place in discussing, sharing on social media, planning and organising, and just getting on with positive action.

You can view Dr Karsten Haustein’s presentation here.

All the discussed ideas for progress are written up here.

Next steps – the outlined ‘Next Steps’ are to complete the Town Survey (to give a clear mandate for what to do next), sign up for emails, join the discussions on Facebook. These actions are outlined in our All Hands On Deck campaign, and repeated below.

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