Cycling Chippy

Our vision for friendly fun cycling in Chippy

By getting safely into cycling, we can make our neighbourhoods more fun, healthy, friendly and safe! Chippy may appear challenging to get around on two wheels, but in fact there are many routes to enjoying active travel around here.

We have a vision and a strategy to make cycling in our town and surrounds more safe, pleasant, accessible, fun and fulfilling, and by working with other groups and stakeholders we see significant potential for opportunities in leisure, livelihoods and enterprise in this area. Our small but dynamic working group is developing 5 key initiatives, with events taking place at various times and locations through Summer 2021 and beyond.

We need more people to join in and help make all this happen – every little helps! Do get in touch via our Facebook page or email

These are our 5 key initiatives:

Try out and Tune Up times – come and see displays and demonstrations of bikes and equipment, get free advice and tune-ups or quick repairs, try out new bikes and equipment, and chat with us for best tips on routes, groups, help and support to grow your fulfillment in cycling. Our first event is scheduled for Sat 12/9/21, 10:00-13:00 in the Market Place.

Pop-up Tricky Trails – a fun, safe challenge course for all ages and abilities, with features including chicanes, hairpins, limbo bars and slalom sections to test and develop your skills and build enjoyment and confidence in cycling. We will be running these on several Sunday afternoons (14:30 – 17:00) through the Summer and Autumn, in various locations near you.

Easy Town and Country routes – maps and guides showing where you can get around town and out into the countryside without intimidating gradients or motor traffic.

Guided rides – Experienced cyclists lead small groups on local routes around town and surrounding country. Join with friendly fellow-riders to increase your confidence and experience of the best routes for safe and pleasant cycling in our area.

Cycling for Health – working with our local health providers to help people access the benefits of cycling for both physical and mental health