Data on Sustainability, climate, ecosystems etc

Past temperatures

Karsten Haustein’s climate modelling presentation

Potential of hydro power

Recent studies estimate there is a remaining viable hydro potential of 850 to 1550 megawatts in the UK. This represents approximately 1 to 2% of current UK generating capacity

The potential for further practical and viable hydroelectricity power stations in the UK is estimated to be in the region of 146 to 248 MW for England and Wales.

Recent resource studies have indicated that there is a practical potential for a further 2GW of capacity in the UK. [this is mostly in Scotland]

Life-cycle emissions of renewables, vs fossil power with CCS

“For a climate protection scenario, we project life-cycle emissions from fossil fuel carbon capture and sequestration plants of 78–110 gCO2eq kWh−1, compared with 3.5–12 gCO2eq kWh−1 for nuclear, wind and solar power for 2050. Life-cycle emissions from hydropower and bioenergy are substantial (∼100 gCO2eq kWh−1), but highly uncertain. We find that cumulative emissions attributable to upscaling low-carbon power other than hydropower are small compared with direct sectoral fossil fuel emissions and the total carbon budget. Fully considering life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions has only modest effects on the scale and structure of power production in cost-optimal mitigation scenarios.”

Lifecycle emissions of batteries

Working out ecological footprints is complex, but a large component is the energy used in manufacture: using clean energy to manufacture, and paying attention to supply sources can significantly minimise the ecological footprint of battery production

Potential to minimise ecological footprints of different battery technologies