Find Your Footprint

Our Footprint represents the overall effect our lifestyles, individually and collectively, are having on the earth: this compares to the ‘carrying capacity’ of the systems that sustain our lives. This footprint includes the effect of carbon and other pollutants, and other impacts on land and the ecosystems that actually sustain our lives, providing so many vital services for free.

What are our biggest areas of impact? What actions are most effective and achievable? The answers may well surprise us! An effective Emergency response starts with understanding these basics, and organising for action – we can’t do it alone, but combined we can do a lot! is a simple but informative tool to find your Ecological footprint. There’s also a short link:

For offline use you can download and/or print this worksheet to understand how your own Carbon Footprint is made up:

What can we do to improve? This document lists some ‘Significant yet Accessible’ actions you could take:

One very basic action is to switch your electricity to a 100% sustainable supplier. Visit to easily find the sustainable supplier that’s most affordable for you. Switching isn’t very hard to do!