Cycling ‘Tricky Trails’

TCN has won a £500 grant to develop ‘Tricky Trails’ for kids (and adults) to enjoy and develop their skills in cycling. These will be run as ‘pop up’ activities at various places around our town during the Summer and Autumn – watch this page to check for latest details.

Tricky trails’ are short circuit courses with various challenges like narrow chicanes, slaloms and hairpins, low humps and seesaws, limbo bars etc. These provide safe self-service cycling areas where children or adults can develop skills on graded but low-risk challenges. Good visual design of features on and around the course is important to create an appealing and stimulating ‘atmosphere’ and environment that children/youth can ‘own; safe and fun. By judicious tweaks to the course and how it’s used, it can be made easy but fun to start, but participants can challenge themselves at all levels, while staying very safe. A ‘pop up’ course (set up for specific events or periods) would address most of these objectives with very low investment, but requires adequate supervision.

We will be running these on several occasions through the Summer and Autumn, in various locations near you. Our provisional shedule is for afternoons (14:30 – 17:00) on the 4th Sunday of every month from July – October inclusive, at the following venues – but please check this page to confirm latest arrangements:

  • 24 July – Worcester Road recreation area
  • 22 August – Cotswold Crescent/Terrace, central grass area
  • 26 September – Walterbush Road recreation area
  • 24 October – Worcester Road recreation area

If local people can form a basic oversight rota, this activity could also be run in at other times and places – contact if interested.