Picture Competition

Picture Competition – A Sustainable Future around Chippy

Our future in the Chippy area holds many challenges – changes in our climate, environment and biodiversity, pollution, work and economy, travel and transport, keeping a strong caring community, and others. These are big challenges, but they also present real opportunities – things have to change, but it’s a chance to make the kind of environment and community that we really want. How can we design a truly sustainable future – one that can keep going well for the long term? What things and activities will we see in our vision for life around here? What things need to change?


Draw a picture that clearly shows what we could do if we work together. It may make your entry more winnable if you also a few lines of writing, explaining what your picture aims to show. Make sure your name and contact details (email and phone number please) are clearly marked on the back of each picture and text.

Bring or post your picture on or before 16 September to:

Chipping Norton Library, Goddards Lane, OX7 5NP

There will be prizes of a £15 book token for the best picture – i.e. the most creative expression of ideas inherent in the competition’s title – presented in each category:

  • Under 8 on 31 August

  • Under 12 on 31 August

  • Under 16 on 31 August

  • Under 116 on 31 August!

You can enter as many times as you wish. Winners will be notified on 25 September. Judges’ decision will be final.

We would like to display pictures (with credits) in the Library and on our Facebook and website pages. If this is not OK, please let us know.

If you have other queries, please email TransitionChippingNorton@gmail.com

Further guidance for kids:

Summer Picture competition

What will ‘A Sustainable Future Around Chippy’ be like?


Sustainable‘ means things that can keep working well, long into the future. Looking after our environment is vital, because it’s what sustains our life in the long term. This includes our soil, biodiversity (we need all kinds of living things), climate and pollution – all these work together to make our ‘life-support system’. It also connects to looking after our local economy (distributing money and all other things so there’s enough everywhere), and community (people connecting together so everyone’s well-being is looked after).

So if we achieve A Sustainable Future Around Chippy, what will it look like?

What will our buildings, energy, transport, schools and work-places be like? How will we grow and distribute our food? What activities will take place in a caring community? Do you have any new ideas for what we should do? What is good already, and what needs to change? Put these in your picture! It would be good if you can write also a few words which describe what your picture intends to show.