Chippy Emergency – ideas for progress

At least 100 people assembled on 19/6/19 to hear and discuss the current Climate and Ecology emergency, and what we can do about it in Chippy. The many ideas that came out of the discussion time are written up below.

There’s still room for more ideas, and we need ‘All Hands on Deck’! Register your views via this online survey, to give us a mandate for appropriate action.

HGV ban
More bike paths
Electric cars
Look at Hooky car share system and get car sharing to work in Chippy
Sixth formers at school should have free bus transport to discourage them from driving in
Is there room to improve public transport – encouraging people not to drive individual cars
Hybrid buses
Ban HGVs from Chippy town centre
Pedestrianise centre of Chippy
Decline of rural bus services
Bus service to Oxford Parkway directly
Should we turn the old railway into a cycle track?
More cycle lanes
Motor engines idling – emissions increased?
Ban HGVs
Car-free days
More public transport (Chippy shuttle)
Car club/cut emissions
X8 scrapped!
Re-route HGVs
Electric car charging points on all new housing and in public car parks
Walking and cycling routes
Walk locally, not drive
Drive less
Car sharing etc.
Advocate electric vehicles
Crowd-fund electric bikes for schools – bike trains instead of school buses
Electric chargers in
Car share – 1,000 new homes, 2,000 cars?
Travelling less
No new roads. New road = more traffic
Divert haulage at motorways/signage
Electric chargers into signage
Affordable or free public transport
Pedestrians and cyclists prioritised
More electric cars and walk more
Vehicle low emissions zones in market towns

Recycling centre
Would Chipping Norton be interested in a makers’ market? Supports community, reduces food miles and promotes sustainability
Is recycled plastic in Chippy really recycled, burnt or put into landfill?
Clearing rubbish for wildlife
Library of things – share stuff, share information online
Buy less clothes
Reusable things are needed
Go out to shops, not on computers

Promote only local fruit and veg and no longer products from abroad
Zero-waste schemes – Coop or another shop
Reducing food waste
Unnecessary imported food causing waste and transport issues
More affordable locally grown produce
Costs of foods and products
Perhaps go veggie or eating less meat
Local seasonal produce

LED street lighting
New builds required to have PV
LED street lights
Solar panels on all housing and especially new housing
Building on agricultural land
Carbon neutral building
Government should never allow housing development to build any house, commercial building without solar panels, grey water collecting etc.
Promote nuclear fuel
Renewable energy use suppliers who are 100% renewable
All new housing to be carbon neutral – enforced by WODC
Home working
Solar panels
All the new housing should have solar power or be carbon neutral – can this be achieved
Water collection
Listed building rules – can these be relaxed for environmental reasons, should they be?
Energy switch to green energy provider
All new-build houses at Tank Farm to be ecological, carbon neutral: ‘We must demand the right to define what we call home.’
Don’t use mobile computers, phones iPads, except for important purposes
Don’t use social media
No more houses on old Memorial Hospital/Chestnuts
Carbon neutral homes – all new homes
Water pressure

More trees
Picking up litter
Concreting over arable land

Chippy to have more say in its local affairs
Collectively signed letter to Robert Courts MP
Transition Chippy gather momentum to lobby Robert Courts or protest him (long-term) to vote and put forward policies in parliament to help the climate
Write to Oxfordshire County Council re plans for new Chippy housing going through a wood planted by residents. When a lot of effort is made to improve the environment it’s dismissed
Clear guidelines as to what people can do
Town Council, eco-housing, PV etc.
Would like to see big business held to account! Let’s force them to take responsibility for their waste
Quality of life included in economic measures
Time for direct, outrageous, unreasonable action
Poorer people can’t buy expensive housing
Can the Town Council declare a climate emergency. If so, what powers would follow?

No plastics on fruit and veg
Ban plastic shopping bags
Promote the use of biodegradable plastics for food
Making shops stop using plastics
Scrap plastic-wrapped foods
No plastic bags and bottles to be given out in shops
The plastic bags in our supermarkets
Boycott packaged goods
Less plastic containers
Not use plastic
Cut down on plastic bottles – re-use plastic bottles
Refill water bottles
Water bottle collection
Free water refill points
Make loose food cheaper than packaged food
Lobby supermarkets – packaging
Refill containers in supermarkets
Refillable containers etc. – get Harpers store as pop up
Check out your high street. You can get refills of products
Packaging-free shop
WHSmith to be forced to stop selling or having special offers on plastic bottles of water – taps to fill your own

Central website or Facebook page for sustainable stuff in Chippy
Better sharing of information, e.g. where to refill water bottles, how to use less plastic
School curriculum to include climate change
Create environmental youth council and let their energy lead and we follow
Plant trees together. Let environmental issues speak to disadvantaged and vulnerable – bring together
We are all different, can’t always have our own way but we must work together to help everyone – life must be great for everyone
Educate the community via talks, leaflets, demonstrations
Wants some realistic guidance
Community resource
Making it fun – targets to change as a group with group support, Weight Watchers-style
Information: community portal. Set up website for community input and sharing
Inform others
Educate – start in small way to talk to all local groups
Could we have a climate change pledge