Survey – What can I do for sustainable future around Chippy?

Complete the survey!

Here is our survey, for you to complete (you are welcome, wherever you live). Click the link below:

‘What Can I Do..’ Survey

And below, there are some more ideas for things you can do..

Carry out a carbon/lifestyle audit

(for example, use Quicksilver spreadsheet or Carbon Detox book – or ask us for help).

The carbon emissions that you generate or influence break down roughly as follows:

Buildings (40% on heating/electricity)

Get help saving energy on my home/workplace (we can advise)

Invest in PV or renewable heating in my home (HN-LC offer eco-loans)

Travel and transport (30%)

Invest in an electric car (or at least a less polluting one)

Use public transport more or (or our electric bikes, outside the Coop)

Join the local car club (HN-LC keep cars in Chippy and Hook Norton)

Plan your journeys (enjoy more time at home!)

Think before you fly (long-haul journeys emit around a tonne CO2 for each passenger)

Food and land use (10% or more)

Cut out unsustainable meat and dairy (any animals fed with grain/soya pellets)

Source locally and sustainably (within 30 miles – we can advise)

Join a CSA scheme (like Chadlington Kitchen Garden – share benefits and risk of fresh sustainable production with the producer)

Learn to grow your own (we have a Community Allotment and other help/advice)

Discover the tastes of Wild Food in our amazing local environment (we run foraging walks last Sunday of each month)

Investments (funds all the above)

Invest in community renewables (like Low Carbon Hub’s projects)

Divest from harmful, polluting technologies (like fossil fuels)

Switch my pension plan, or write to protest

Speak up (influences all the above)

Plan for Energy Descent (help us draft an Action Plan for our area)

Sign up with campaigning charities (like avaaz,, 38degrees – join your voice with millions of others)

Write to your MPs and other decision-makers

Tell big corporations what you will/won’t stand for

Join in some key demonstrations (pressure the politicians)

Become informed and aware

Sign up with good information sources (like MakeWealthHistory, State of the Transition, Carbon Commentary)

Come to our film and discussion evenings

Give us your suggestions for activities

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