Great showing at the Town Meeting on the Climate/Ecology Emergency

Great to see so many people and such enthusiasm at the Town Meeting on the Climate and Ecology Emergency last Wednesday. Here is Dr Karsten Haustein’s very stimulating talk: the future of our climate is in our hands!

Lots of great suggestions too from the discussion time – here’s the full list (thanks to Ben for transcribing and organising this so well):

If we’re serious about ‘our bit’ meeting the Emergency, there’s lots to do and we need ‘All Hands on Deck.’

Here is where you can get started: Fill in the short survey, sign up to stay in touch by periodic emails, and register with our Facebook page. Lots to learn, lots to do – it’s going to be a quite a ride!

Town Survey – register your views on the best direction, and give us a mandate for action by completing this short survey – click here:

Sign up for emails – click here:

Join an action – see Actions on this site for more info and options – we will be developing this further, so keep watching!

Join the discussion; stay in touch on Facebook:

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