Great to see so many people and such enthusiasm at the Town Meeting on the Climate and Ecology Emergency last Wednesday. Here is Dr Karsten Haustein’s very stimulating talk: the future of our climate is in our hands!

Lots of great suggestions too from the discussion time – here’s the full list (thanks to Ben for transcribing and organising this so well):

If we’re serious about ‘our bit’ meeting the Emergency, there’s lots to do and we need ‘All Hands on Deck.’

Here is where you can get started: Fill in the short survey, sign up to stay in touch by periodic emails, and register with our Facebook page. Lots to learn, lots to do – it’s going to be a quite a ride!

Town Survey – register your views on the best direction, and give us a mandate for action by completing this short survey – click here:

Sign up for emails – click here:

Join an action – see Actions on this site for more info and options – we will be developing this further, so keep watching!

Join the discussion; stay in touch on Facebook:

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